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Thread: Creation of hybrid real/mocked objects
Created on: 05/15/09 01:54 PM Replies: 1

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Creation of hybrid real/mocked objects
05/15/09 1:54 PM

There are cases where you may 90% of the behavior of a class as is but want to mock just a few methods. Currently ColdMock clears all the methods. With just a few simple changes you can have the methods be cleared only when you call mockMethod. To do this, add a clearMethods argument to the createMock method in MockFactory with a default of true. Around line 68 where the StructClear(mock) line is, replace with:

<cfif arguments.clearMethods>
<cfset StructClear(mock) />
<cfset StructDelete(this,"onMissingMethod")>

Finally, in the mockMethod call around line 152 add:

<cfset StructDelete(this,arguments.methodName)>

this allows the onMissingMethod handler to call the mocked method instead of the one that was there.

That's it.
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